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This website illustrates a powerful, feature-rich, attractive, and easy-to-use "historical society website template" that can be customized for use by your society.

To experiment with color options for your website, please click "Admin" at the bottom of this page.

Black Hawk (click to enlarge)


For examples of historical societies that are using this template, please see the Related Societies [pulldown] in the banner of this website (see above).


This historical society template incorporates many features that are desirable in historical society websites -- and these have been tested by years of use in live sites. These features include:


Member of the Aray Family, one of the First Black Families in Pittsfield Township

While the colors, images, and text of your website will become uniquely your own, the "look and feel" of your website will be familiar to anyone who has used another website based on this template. Persons who visit your website -- perhpas being led there by the Related Societies [pulldown] at the top of a neighboring society website -- do not have to spend time trying to "learn" to use your website -- and immediately can begin navigating and enjoying your site.

Cameo of the Webb Farm (click to enlarge)

Historical society webmasters who use this template and its related tools will be able to help webmasters of other local societies that use the same template and tools. Webmasters can exchange questions and suggestions among themselves. Even "standardized" content can be shared among websites. (See, for example: Using This Site.)


All this comes at a very affordable price:

  • a one-time fee of $300 to set up your website with Pierian Press Historical Services; and
  • $10.00 per month thereafter for hosting the site.
    Hosting consists of serving your site, providing high-speed Web access to it; backing up your site periodically; and adding new website features and functionality as they are developed. See also "Support", below.

    The features in this website template have cost tens of thousands of dollars and many years to develop and test. You get that functionality in an attractive, feature-rich, and easy-to-use environment for a small fraction of this development cost.


    Your society webmaster will have access to specialized training materials on the development, use, and maintenance of your site.

    William Pitt, the Elder

    Also, if your webmaster causes a significant problem with your website -- e.g., he/she accidentally deletes or overwrites setup files -- your webmaster will have access to a live person who is professionally trained and dedicated to helping resolve such problems.


    View of house at Sutherland-Wilson Farm (click to enlarge)

    As local historical societies adapt this website template, the websites of all those societies will be integrated, resulting in an immensely rich and easy-to-use "hyper"-resource on local history. That is the ultimate objective for developing and making this historical society website template available to you.

    Captions: The images on this page have been included to illustrate how images can be integrated with text. They are from the Pittsfield Township Historical Society Website, which uses this template (see Related Societies [pulldown]). Click Black Hawk (near top), the family photo (near center), and farmhouse (at bottom) for larger versions of these images. Hold your curser on an image for a related caption.


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